Korea's top
cosmetics raw
material production

EastHill Corporation has taken its first step in the world with the aim of
contributing to society through delivering the best products and services.
Based on the technology and know-how accumulated in the spirit of
challenge and innovation, we pursue cosmetics of new value that
meet the requirements of the changing times.
Since its establishment, we have been a cosmetics raw material company
that specializes in manufacturing and developing raw cosmetic materials
in various fields, including efficacy-based natural material extracts,
surface treatment agents with distinguished technology,
dispersion of functional division, and color bases made through
a simplified manufacturing process.

Based on R&D

We have selected the best quality cosmetic materials and
established various collaborations through joint research with
domestic and foreign research institutes and major universities
to develop cosmetic materials.
We are doing our best to continue developing innovative products
through our own manufacturing technologies.

Introduction of Technical Directors


Based on EastHill's technology recognized both at domestically and abroad,
we are currently exporting our products and introducing various raw
materials to more than 10 countries, including those in Asia and Europe.
We have established an international standard system with
a number of certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, EFfCI GMP, etc.